Frequently Asked Questions

    Why choose Paynet

Simple and Easy:
A simple solutions opens up the door to a one-stop payment gateway and merchant account service with or without integration effort with no extra hardware or software.
Merchants can accept local debit cards and also Credit Cards for international payments.
Industry-standard security measures are present to help merchants minimize risks and fraud to best safeguard merchants from financial losses due to fraud.
We offer direct payment services with competitive set-up costs, annual fees or transaction commission basis.
Value-added Services:
Paynet's unique features, such as GPS Delivery tracking to make your delivery team more productive, Scheduled Pay for recurring billing, 3rd Party system integration to enhance your business.

    Becoming a Paynet Merchant

We accept applications from any individual, online store, businesses, organizations and charitable bodies who have legal identity in specified country.

Yes, we serve individuals, with a valid civil identification provided by government. Other business set-ups are also welcome as long as they have the proper business registrations.

No, Paynet can provide multiple payment gateways under same account. So each website can integrate with one payment gateway under your main payment service merchant account. Merchants should request for a different payment gateway for each of the sites they operate.

Paynet have plug and play plugins for popular ecommerce platforms like Magento, Wordpress etc.

Your account will be active immediately after account creation. You can start receiving money by link our using Paynet payment gateway.

    About Our Services

Payment links:
Merchants can create payment links and send to customer via any social network, SMS, EMAIL etc.
Partial Payments:
Merchants can enable partial payment, So customer can pay the bill as multiple installments.
API Kits:
Paynet provide a wide range of REST APIs to integrate with 3rd party system.
Ecommerce Payment Gateways:
Paynet provide plug and play payment gateway for popular ecommerce platforms like Magento 1&2, Wordpress etc.

Credit Card – Visa, MasterCard, Amex & JCB
Local Debit Payment - KNET

Paynet merchants can accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express Card and JCB payments from GCC.

No, merchants may choose to accept payments from any of your customers whether via credit card and debit card using one click payment links.

No, Paynet has an attractive dashboard with muli level payent analysis. You can simply start receiving money without any software.


Direct settlement:
There is an annual set-up charge. For details, please contact us at Tel : (+965) 90000244
Indirect settlement:
Transaction commission based on the payments received and a chargeback handling fee, but no other hidden charges. For details, please contact us at Tel : (+965) 90000244.

Direct Settlement:
We do not deduct setup fees and annual fees or marketing expenses from received payments of merchants. Such charges are billed to merchants separately. On the other hand, transaction commission, refund and chargebacks (if any) will be deducted from received payments before reimbursement.
Indirect Settlement:
Transaction service charges, refund and chargebacks (if any) will be deducted from received payments before account transfer.


A payment gateway is a software program that is embedded into a merchant's web site or mobile application for transmitting transaction data to the credit card acquirer, payment service provider or bank for authorization and settlement purposes.

An API (Application of Programming Interface) is a type of technical communication between servers, and a payment API refers to technical calls that enable the processing of a transaction. API Kit is a set of documentation and sample source code to generate payment links/gateway from your own system.

A chargeback is the forced reversal of a transaction by the credit card issuing bank. Chargebacks take place when we receive notification from our partner bank that the cardholder's card issuing bank has received a dispute notice from the cardholder, whose card had been charged by our merchants. In certain cases, defense is possible (e.g. order denial while delivery is completed indeed) given merchants are able to provide adequate evidence. In cases of fraudulent card usage, a chargeback is made immediately. Please note that excessive chargebacks may result in service terms revision, service suspension or even termination.

These are security features instituted by KNET, Visa International, MasterCard International, American Express International, and JCB International to protect online and mobile purchasing. It enhances the existing credit card with an additional personal password to be used to authenticate a genuine cardholder purchasing online. When a credit cardholder of these shops online, he/she will be required to enter the password or OTP received in his registred mobile in the same way as entering a PIN at an ATM. That means only the cardholder can use that card.